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Swimming Pool Services Richmond Virginia

Our Class A swimming pool contractors offer custom pool and spa design, installation, and hardscaping services. Call 804-781-0442 for a consultation!

In-ground Pools

We sell and install a variety of heated in-ground fiberglass pools. From custom pool construction to exclusive pool maintenance and more, we offer a wide range of services to create your ultimate outdoor oasis. Call 804-781-0442 today for more information!

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Fiberglass Pools

Serving the greater Richmond, Virginia area, our high-quality fiberglass pools are manufactured by Trilogy Pools, LLC. They are one piece shells that can be quickly and easily installed in your yard. We offer a variety of shapes and colors as well as several models that feature integrated tile or floor patterns. Our fiberglass pool models include:

Trilogy Pools


Our Promise

Through our installation process, we make it easy for our new swimming pool to be built to your specific standards. Our custom design capabilities allow for your ideas to truly take shape at the lowest possible costs. Not to mention, Pla-Mor Construction Corp’s exclusive Peace Of Mind Guarantees provide you the comfort that your swimming pool will be installed in the most timely manner with the highest level of workmanship possible.

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In-ground Spas

Our in-ground spas may be installed as part of your swimming pool or as a separate unit. These are permanent features that add beauty and a resort-like quality to your yard. An in-ground tub is entered from ground level with the only steps leading into the tub itself. This style lends itself to a variety of creative spa shapes and allows the spa to be integrated into the landscaping of your yard – perhaps hidden in the bushes or among the rocks of the patio. Also, water heats much faster and maintains its temperature longer in an in-ground tub rather than an above ground.


  • Water Features – jets, lighting, fountains, etc.
  • Diving Boards – in a variety of colors, shapes, degrees of flex
  • Auto Control Systems – automatically monitor chemicals, lighting, heating, water features, etc.
  • Heating & Cooling – maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the season
  • Auto Covers – protect your investment and keep your family and visitors safe
  • Hardscaping – surround your pool with paths and seating areas including cabanas, carriage and pool houses